The aims of this article are (1) to explore what is and how it works, (2) which ecosystem abracadabra anticipates to set up and what it means for Yearn & Curve participants, (3) how $MIM maintains peg, and (4) which actors can benefit from and how (incl.

++ Update from 20.04.2021: I updated the graphic below with the comparison, but not the whole article text. The changes in the graphic are a result from (1) a recent Fantom network upgrade, (2) changes in market caps due to market volatility +++

This article should give the reader an…

In my previous article, I have shown why transaction fees on Uniswap are so damn high, and how the same platform on the Fantom Opera mainnet would decrease the transaction fees significantly.

I made the following observations:

  1. If I would have made all my trades in 2020 on a decentralized…

Hello there! Today, I will explore why exactly transaction fees on Uniswap (and other DEX) are so damn high, whether this will keep this way (or not) and by how much shifting some txs burden to the Fantom Opera mainnet would decrease fees and duration.

Why are transaction fees on Uniswap so high?

The theory:

Uniswap executes smart contracts running…


Hey there. In my previous post, I have found out how to create tokens on the Fantom Network. It was quite easy, as it is nearly the same as creating tokens for the Ethereum network.

I wanted to make another post to explain how to create tokens on ETH network…

In my previous blog post I have shown what the purpose of my coin is. To recap: I will deploy 69.420.000.000 CUTE on the Fantom network. This is my key aim today. Let us begin:

According to the Fantom devs, the process of deploying tokens on the Fantom network should…

Part 1: Who I am and what I want to achieve

Hello everyone! I am no developer, I have no idea how Distributed Ledger Technologies or Directed Acyclic Graphs work, but at least I know both terms and that is something I am very proud of.

In the upcoming weeks, I want to explore how easy (or difficult) it is to…

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