Envision a Token on the Fantom Network (by someone who has literally no clue what he is doing).

Part 1: Who I am and what I want to achieve

Hello everyone! I am no developer, I have no idea how Distributed Ledger Technologies or Directed Acyclic Graphs work, but at least I know both terms and that is something I am very proud of.

In the upcoming weeks, I want to explore how easy (or difficult) it is to create tokens on the Fantom network. I anticipate to build a business model for a kick-ass token, deploy it on the Fantom network, then on the Ethereum network (maybe ETH first, seems easier, but idk), and then get it on a respected exchange such as BitGrail, Novaexchange, or IDAX.pro — I heard only good things about those; much profits, so wow.

I will try to document everything with screenshots and short explanations, to create a step-by-step manual everybody can replicate. In my experience, just doing what other manuals tell someone to do is the best way to achieve results quickly and if my studies in management have taught me one thing then this is that achieving results quickly is what everyone should strive to do.

Part 2: Introduction of ENIGMATICA

I have yet to create a detailed whitepaper (both long and needlessly complex), but the overall idea of my token is the following:

The token ENIGMATICA (CUTE) will conceptualize and render the 2nd layer base of a decentral and open network, that is manifested in the transparent and limitless continuation of consesus-driven mechanisms. While other proof-of-stake and security-minded ledger technologies are mitigated through the complexity of zero-driven finality, the ENIGMATICA-network achieves near instant and fee-less transactions through the creation of a mindhive-manufactured, IoT-based multiverse. The token CUTE will fuel the value transfer protocol, that is both securing the exchange of data, value, emotional synapses and artificial intelligence.

If you did not understand anything about ENIGMATICA, do not worry: I have made it up. However, I am sure, that most people would think that this is a legimitate value formulation for a token; at least, the description is not more complex and Mumbo Jumbo than most others are. I hope that the “exchange of emotional synapses” gave it away. If not, buy buy buy!

Jokes aside, the token I will create will have the following characteristics:

  • Token Name: Completely Useless Token ENIGMATICA
  • Token Symbol: CUTE (you can name them “cuties”; if you want to fork it, I advice you to make CUTEP and name them “cutiepies” then)
  • Total Supply: 69.420.000.000
  • Token Logo: A cute anime girl, preferably with cat ears, possibly with stockings. I have to find one though, and if found, I will send out a newsletter for everyone. Feel free to send me proposals. No FUTA

Part 3: What happens next

After describing token economics, value potential and a detailed, professional description of this project’s key aims, in the next blog posts I will show the following:

  • Step 1: How to deploy a token on the Fantom Network
  • Step 2: How to deploy a token on the Ethereum Network
  • Step 3: How to integrate the token in the pwawallet (FYI here comes the moment in which I think I truly have no fucking clue what I am talking about, but hey, I can write whatever I want on this “project plan”, this is crypto. If you ask me when I will do it, I will just say “soon”, and you have to live with it)
  • Step 4: How to integrate the token in www.funi.exchange, so everyone can trade it
  • Step 5: How to deploy a smart contract on the Fantom network to start an ICO to sell my CUTE for tokens that are valuable
  • Step 6: How to bridge the CUTE tokens on the ETH network with the ones on the Fantom network
  • Step 7: How to realize that this was all a stupid idea, took too much time, led to nothing and that I should just go on doing by regular job. So do you!

Take everything I write with a grain of salt. I promise that the actual guide will be serious; I really want to find out how easy/difficult those steps are, learn something, and give you the chance to learn something as well. Let’s wish all of us good luck and God’s mercy.

Medium wanted a picture to make my article more appealing to readers. I thought this monkey captures the horror and Schadenfreude in crypto the best.