Create a Token on the Fantom Network (by someone who has literally no clue what he is doing).

In my previous blog post I have shown what the purpose of my coin is. To recap: I will deploy 69.420.000.000 CUTE on the Fantom network. This is my key aim today. Let us begin:

According to the Fantom devs, the process of deploying tokens on the Fantom network should be similar to the one on the Ethereum network. I have found this guide, and I will replicate everything, just with the Fantom network:

Step 1: Set up a wallet here:

Step 2: Connect it with MetaMask. Connect it with MetaMask correctly. If you “only” connect it, you are still in the Ethereum Network, not in Fantom Opera. You can see here how to do it properly:

Step 3: Put some FTM into your wallet

Step 4: Download a code editor, and feel badass for a minute that you will do some coding. Tell others you are one step closer to hack governmental institutions and that you think that after Satoshi, Vitalik Buterin and Andre Cronje, you are the next prodigy of Blockchains. No clue which is good, but I used Brackets:

Step 5: Open your code editor and paste everything in it from here:

For a moment, one could get the idea that I know what I am doing.

Step 6: Replace all elements with the two brackets which look funny with the input parameters you want for your coin. See here:

This is how it looks like in the beginning. Click “Replace all”, because you will find those things three times in the code.
And this is like it looks now for my token. This is the birth of cuties.

One remark here: The Owner Account is of course your FTM address, not the ETH address. Both “look” the same, which is kind of dumb, but who am I to judge.

Another remark: Those familiar with these codes might already spotted a mistake I did in the picture above. If you want to create 69.420.000.000 coins, and have 18 Decimals, the “Total supply” must be 69.420.000.000+18*0. In my first try, I did not know that and then I had 0.000000000006942 CUTE created.

Step 5: Go to

Click on the + Button on the left of the screen
Give the file a name and press OK. It does not matter which name it is.
Copy-Paste your Code from the code editor into the window. Those colors, fucking beautiful baby.
Click on that second icon from above on the left (marked professionally with a red circle). Then click on “Compile [YourName].sol” (not marked professionally with a red circle)
Click on the third icon on the left (the one which looks like the ETH symbol with another arror), and then in the first drop-down menu you click on “Injected Web3”
You will see how MetaMask pops up. Click “Proceed” and then Confirm.
After MetaMask was connected, in “Contract”, chose “[YourToken]Token” and then click deploy.

And whether you believe it or not, the Token is created!

I was surprised that it worked, so I headed to the Fantom Contracts, to find the contract here:

It costs 0.0001 FTM which is basically nothing. Transaction fees are very low.

The official contract for CUTE is: 0xb910b4c8fd8767bc4e53b2ec324e9e6f3fa5c157 (++++++ Here is Alexej from the future. The official contract for CUTEZ is now 0x3d5c6b1155e788966db361478ff6004ba4817832 and you can find it here: Why? CUTE is not enough, it has to be CUTEZ now. My standards today are higher)

And at the moment, only I have those precious cuties. Use MetaMask to add custom tokens, and the token contract address to see how many cuties you have. Spoiler alert: None.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Have fun deploying your first token on the Fantom Network!

Up next: I will do the same on the ETH network. And then I will try to copy (?), duplicate (?) or .. I do not know, make a wallet like the official pwawallet of Fantom, but for cuties.

Medium, again, wanted to have a nice picture to make my story relevant.